How to Extract Individual Pages in a PDF

By Tom Chmielewski

Extracting pages from a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat is a fairly straightforward process. While you can't extract pages using the free Adobe Reader, Acrobat gives you the ability to extract a range of pages from a PDF and save each page as an individual PDF file. The author of the PDF document, however, can prevent any extraction of pages by setting security settings in the "Properties" preferences for the PDF.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat

Step 1

Select "Document" from Acrobat's menu and in the choices that appear n the drop down list, click on "Extract Pages".

Step 2

Set the range of pages you want to extract in the new window.

Step 3

Check mark the box for "Delete Pages After Extracting" if you want to remove those pages from the original document. Leave unmarked to keep the original PDF unchanged.

Step 4

Check mark the box for "Extract Pages as Separate Files" to create individual PDFs from each of the extracted pages. Leave unchecked to save the extracted pages in one file.

Step 5

Choose the destination for the pages in the "Destination Folder" window that appears if you chose to extract the pages as separate files. You may want to create a new folder in that window to hold the new files. When you've created or selected the folder you want to store the files, click on the choose button.

Tips & Warnings

  • The new files will have the name of the original PDF document followed by the page number. If you extracted the pages to create one file, the new file opens with a pending name of "Pages from..." followed by the original title. Selecting "Save As" lets you rename the file and choose where to save it. When saved as separate files, the new files do not open up automatically after their extraction.
  • Extracted pages will not carry with them any bookmarks or article threading connected with the pages in the original document. The extracted pages, however, will retain all form fields, comments and links present in the original.

References & Resources