How to Factory Reset a Cell Phone

By Marie Elkins

Resetting a cell phone to original factory settings allows the phone to be free of all personal information and customized settings before you hand the phone over to someone else. Resetting rids the device of all contacts, pictures and messages, so be sure you back up this information in another place if you do not want to lose it. Also, keep in mind that this feature is blocked by a security code that only you have access to and have the ability to complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Security code

Restore to Factory Settings

Step 1

Access the settings feature through the phone's menu. Scroll through the various titles and select the option listed as "Phone Settings."

Step 2

Select the "Security" option. You will be prompted to enter in your security code. Type the code in and press "OK." If the code is correct, the phone will display the Security menu.

Step 3

Select the option for restoring the phone back to original factory settings. It will be listed with a name similar to "Restore," "Reset" or "Factory Settings." Different models have their own name for the reset feature, but all will be similar.

Step 4

Accept the confirmation if you want to go on with the restore, or cancel the process if you want to return to the main menu. The phone may or may not reboot power depending on the model.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not continue with the reset process unless you are absolutely sure you have backed up any personal items or information that you wish to keep.