How to Factory Reset a Gateway Computer

By Robert Ceville

Performing a factory reset on your Gateway computer can erase all of the errors that Windows has accumulated over time. When you perform a factory reset, or factory restore, you computer is reverted to the condition it was in at the time of purchase.

Step 1

Restart your Gateway computer and press the "F10" key repeatedly upon startup. You will then see a screen stating that PC recovery has started.

Step 2

Click "Next," then "OK" if you want to perform a standard recovery. If you want to reformat your hard drive completely, click "Advanced," select "Destructive Recovery," then "Next."

Step 3

Follow the prompts that will walk you through the rest of the procedure. When the Gateway factory reset has completed, your machine will reboot and Windows will load the necessary drivers and original programs that your machine came with.

Tips & Warnings

  • This method of performing a factory restore has been integrated into all Gateway computers, since Windows XP. These steps will work for all Windows versions that have followed.
  • Performing a factory rest on a Gateway computer will erase all files and settings that have been saved to your internal drive, so you should back up anything you want to keep.