How to Fake My Caller ID

By Faizah Imani

With the power of technology you have the ability to call an individual and fake the telephone number that you are calling from. This practice of faking your caller ID is also known as "call spoofing." You may desire to spoof a call to play a joke on a friend. Fake your caller ID to trick and individual who has been avoiding your calls.

Step 1

Access an online resource that allows you to use fake caller ID/call spoofing software. Some of the resources available are Caller ID Faker, Covert Calling, Phone Gangster and Spoof Card. Some resources will allow you to use the software for free. Others may provide you with a few call minutes for free while giving you the option to purchase additional call minutes.

Step 2

Enter the telephone number that you will be calling from into the designated box.

Step 3

Set your voice options. For example, you can set your voice to sound like a female, like a male or use your normal voice. Not all fake caller ID programs allow you to change the sound of your voice.

Step 4

Type the fake number that you want to show on the individual's caller ID box. You can type any number you want. However, it generally has to be 10 digits.

Step 5

Click the option to "Make Call" or "Place Call." Wait to receive the call activation number.

Step 6

Dial the call activation number from the telephone number you entered in Step 2. You will hear the telephone ringing. Wait for the person you are calling to answer the line.