How to Find a Friend on Yahoo

By Aksana Nikolai

Today, many people are part of online communities created by Internet portals. Part of the fun of a portal such as Yahoo is interacting with friends who are also members of the Yahoo community. You've got two ways to find and contact friends on Yahoo. In the process, you can reconnect with friends you've lost touch with or learn about a friend's personality and interests.

Things You'll Need

  • Friend's contact information

Step 1

Access the Yahoo People Search (see Resources).

Step 2

Enter your friend's contact information. You have a choice of providing a friend's first and/or last name, along with a U.S. address or a U.S. phone number. Click "Search."

Step 3

Access the "Yahoo Profiles" page (see Resources) if you would like to check whether a friend has a Yahoo profile. Enter your Yahoo ID and password if you have not already signed in to your Yahoo account.

Step 4

Enter a friend's name into the "Find People" field located on the right side of the Yahoo window. Click "Search." Keep in mind that this directory cannot display more than 500 search results per query. In addition, remember that a member's profile will only be visible in a search if the member has designated his profile as publicly searchable.

Step 5

Search for your friend's name and/or profile photo within the list of search results. Click the photo to bring up the person's profile.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set up your profile so friends can easily find you on Yahoo. Click the "My Profile" tab in the "Yahoo Profiles" page. Select "Edit Profile." Upload a photo of yourself; fill in your contact information, professional and education history and hobbies. Link updates from various social media sites to your Yahoo profile or create blog entries.