How to Find a GPS Tracking Device on Your Car

By Palmer Owyoung

If your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend is coincidentally showing up everywhere you go then he might be watching your every movement with GPS. Today these little gadgets are small enough to be hidden, on a vehicle or in a purse and they can also record a person's movements for up to 30 days. So if you are afraid that you are being followed you might want to know how to find a GPS tracking device on your car.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS Bug Detector

Step 1

Get the Spy Hawk Pro GPS bug detector. This device will sniff out any device that is transmitting from your car by locking in on the signal. You can purchase it from and you can also find them on As of 2009 it retails for just under $350.

Step 2

Sweep your car. Once you've purchased the device simply switch it on and move it around the interior and exterior of your car. Don't forget to check the undercarriage and the engine and trunk area as well. The device will sniff out any transmitting device within 5 meters and will let you know when it has found one with a blinking red light that is attached to the top.

Step 3

Make repeated sweeps at different intervals. Because the bug detector can only find a GPS device when it is transmitting, you will need to do several sweeps of the car at different intervals. Some GPS trackers only transmit data occasionally every 30 minutes or so.

Step 4

Do a visual inspection. Bear in mind that this detector will only work on active GPS systems that are transmitting a signal. If you are being tracked with a passive system the data is downloaded either manually or wirelessly so there isn't a regular transmission to sniff out. The only way to find these devices is to do a visual inspection of your car. You will be looking for a small black device about the size and shape of a deck of cards, some of the smaller ones today are only about the size of a lipstick.

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