How to Find a Model Number

By Michelle L. Cramer

Most often when you need a repair or have a question about an electronic, you have to provide technical support with a model number so they know what information to share with you. However, model numbers aren't always easy to locate, especially on small computer parts. While there is no one location you can find model numbers as it varies depending on the product and manufacturer, the following steps will help you locate them on several different items.

Locating the Model Number on Various Products

Step 1

Find the identification label on the external hard drive. This is typically where you will find the model number, though the location does vary with each manufacturer. The model number for Maxtor hard drives are alphanumeric and 7 characters long, and are usually the first characters of the "TLA" or "EDA" assembly number. Seagate hard drives place the model number on the top of the drive cover and they start with the letters ST. The model number for Hitachi hard drives typically follows the word "model" located on the hard drive label and the number is usually 8 to 15 characters in length.

Step 2

Turn a laptop over to find the model number, since you can often find it on the bottom of the system, located on the label and following the word "type" or "model." In the alternative, some laptops do position the model number on the front right panel of the system.

Step 3

View the rear chassis label of a desktop tower to locate the model number for that unit. Some desktops also have a label on the side of the tower that may contain this information.

Step 4

Search your household appliances for model numbers in various locations. Generally, refrigerator model numbers are on a label located on the inside wall. A free standing range may have the model number listed on the frame of the range, sometimes behind the storage drawer. Cooktop model numbers are often on the bottom of the burner box. Washing machine model numbers are often on the inside of the lid (top load) or in the door (front load), and dryers typically have model numbers inside the door too.

Step 5

Post a question on a forum related to your product if you still are having difficulty locating the model number. Another option is to contact technical support for your particular product. Also, most product manuals will indicate where to find the model number.

Tips & Warnings

  • Generally, model numbers are on the back or bottom of an electronic or appliance. Those are the best places to start your model number search.