How to Find a Person in Another Country

By David Sarokin

Not long ago, if you wanted to track down a person's address and phone number in Moscow, London, Tel Aviv or elsewhere in the world, you may have needed to take a trip to the country in question to access local records. At the very least, you would need a trip to a special library with a collection of international phone directories. The Internet changed all that, of course, as the white pages for most countries are now accessible online. If the directory is not available in English, there are also translation tools to help you find a person in another country.

Step 1

Visit, a collection of links to online white pages from around the world.

Step 2

Click the country link in which you want to find a person to display phone directories.

Step 3

Click on the phone directory that is most relevant to your search.The directory listed first at Numberway is generally the most comprehensive directory for the country. If other directories are listed, they may include city or regional directories that cover the area in which you are searching.

Step 4

Look for a link to an English-language interface for the directory if it is not displayed in a language familiar to you. The link may say "English" or may appear as a flag of the USA or the UK.

Step 5

Enter the name of the person for whom you are searching in the relevant name fields. You can also enter a city, state or province location in most directories.

Step 6

Review the search results for a listing for the person you are seeking. Listings generally include a full name, address and telephone number.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use an online web page translator like Google Translate or Babel Fish to translate a directory into English if there is no "English" option on the page itself.