How to Find a Person's Address & Phone Number Through Free Public Records

By Becca Latham

Looking for someone and not sure where to begin? A person's phone number and/or address is accessible through the resources within the person's state and county. Local authorities keep necessary records of a person's life history and make it possible to locate identifiable information through the search of free public records.

Step 1

Look through vital records in the public library. Public libraries contain copies of records for people and for events that have occurred. Newspaper announcements of marriages, divorces, births and deaths become part of history. In the library, search through the microfilm, newspaper clippings and more.

Step 2

Contact the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau collects and maintains the information gathered from individuals. The Bureau has records regarding names and addresses as well as other statistical data.

Step 3

Ask local authorities for information. Each county keeps records of individuals and provides access to free public records. Many allow online searching, but it often requires a visit. Searching through the county could take more time. Ask a clerk for assistance to help shave some time.

Step 4

Locate information through genealogy. and other websites promote extensive and detailed information and search tools. Some may require a fee, but others like Family Search and Ancestor Hunt provide tools for individuals to search public records for free.

Step 5

Search by an email address or domain name. Many search engines give a person's name, address and other information based on the email address provided. Or, if the individual purchased a domain name but did not make it private, the information for the owner becomes available.