How to Find a Person's Email Address for Free on the Web

By Techwalla Contributor

Are you looking for a specific person's email address? Unfortunately, there is no master email address directory out there, so looking up an email address can be tricky. But if you know where to look, finding someone's email address can be fairly easy in many cases, particularly if the individual has a unique name. And even in cases where you can't find a person's email address, you may be able to find an alternate method that may enable you to contact the person you're looking for! Keep reading to learn how to look up a person's email address on the web for free!

Things You'll Need

  • The name of the person whose email address you're trying to look up.
  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • Patience! Looking up a person's email address can take time!

Step 1

Check your email account for the person's email address. If you've corresponded with the person in the past from your email account, you may have the person's email address in your sent mail folder. You can also perform a search of your email account for the person's name.

Step 2

Use Google and other search engines (Yahoo!, Bing, MSN, Lycos,, etc.) to find a person's email address. Type in the person's name in quotes, followed by the word "email." So you would look up an email address for a person named John Doe's by "Googling" the following: "John Doe" email. It's important to note that different search engines yield different search results, so it's important to look on each one when trying to find someone's email address.

Step 3

Use a free email look-up tool. There's many great websites that offer help for people who are trying to find a person's email address. Yahoo! People Finder is one great tool to find someone's email address. is another great free online email look-up website. See the resources section of this article for links to some good email look-up sites on the web.

Step 4

If you can find the person's blog or personal website, use this to find the person's email address. If you can find their website or blog, an email address may be listed. If the email address is not listed, you can enter the blog/website URL into a WhoIs look-up tool; this will typically reveal the email address and other contact information for the person who registered the domain. This will not work if the domain was registered by proxy.

Step 5

Try other methods to contact the person. Sometimes, it's just not possible to find a person's email address on your own. So look for alternative methods to contact the individual. Contact a mutual friend who might have the person's email address. You can also "Google" the person; perhaps you'll find a MySpace or Facebook page; these enable you to contact the individual in question, though you will need to sign up for Facebook or MySpace in order to contact the person.