How to Find a Phone Area Code

By G.S. Jackson

When calling areas outside of your immediate geographical location, you need to know the area code. Area codes enable different populated areas to contain identical phone numbers without conflicts, so that someone in Los Angeles can have a similar number to someone in New York. If you're calling friends or associates across the country, knowing their area codes means you won't mix them up. Several online directories will help you find area codes by city or zip code.

Step 1

Search for the area code on Melissa Data (link in References). Click the "Phone/City/ZIP" link, and enter the zip code or city name of the area code you're trying to locate. An information screen appears with area code information.

Step 2

Use the WhitePages area code lookup utility (link in References). Enter the zip code or name of the desired area in the "Find Area Code" box and press the "Enter" key. The area codes for that zip code appear on the next page.

Step 3

Search an online table of area codes, such as located at Country Code's directory (link in References). Press "Control-F" to open a search box in your browser, and type the name of the location you want to find to locate it in the table. The browser highlights the result as you type. Find the area code next to the city.