How to Find a Private Number That Just Called Your Phone

By LaTasha Rogers

Private phones calls can be a nuisance. Many people depend on caller ID features available for most phones, so when an unidentified number comes up, they are hesitant to answer the phone. Although some private calls can be from legitimate companies, some are prank calls or people you do not wish to speak to. Certain phones allow you to identify a private number once the caller has hung up the phone.

Step 1

Allow the private number to stop ringing before doing anything. Pick up the phone after the call has ended to prevent another call from coming in. Most phone companies can pick up only the last caller's number.

Step 2

Dial *69 using the phone the private number called. You will be directly connected to the last incoming caller, or you will receive an automated message that will tell you the number of that last incoming call. Some companies will ask if you want to be connected to the caller.

Step 3

Dial *67 or *57 if dialing *69 does not work for you. The *69 feature is the most common, but some areas use alternatives codes such as the ones mentioned. The alternatives numbers works the same way as *69. Contact your phone provider for any additional codes that are used in your area.

Step 4

Contact your phone carrier to see how it can assist you on how to retrieve the private number. Most phone providers acquire the tools to identify private phone numbers, sometimes for a fee.

Step 5

Subscribe to a call trapping service. There is usually a fee for this service and the company can unlock the private number to identify the caller on your phone.