How to Find a Stolen Phone

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Many people who find lost cell phones usually turn them into the store manager or to the police. Others try to contact people on the contact list to let them know they have the phone. Here are steps on how to find a stolen or lost phone.

Step 1

Call the number of the phone. If the person who has the phone answers it, explain to them that you know the phone was stolen and that you know their name and address and will report them to the police if the cell phone is not returned. (Do this even if you do not know the crook's name and address).

Step 2

Call your cell phone company and let them know your cell phone was stolen. They will be able to cut off service and will be able to track calls and other actions performed on the phone.

Step 3

Contact the police and report the cell phone as stolen.

Step 4

Hire a private detective to help you find your stolen cell phone. There are people who have skills and techniques for finding lost or stolen cell phones.

Step 5

Program your email to receive messages when the SIM card has been changed or when any other changes have been made to the phone. You can do this when you first buy the cell phone. Therefore, when the crook tries to make changes to your phone, you will be identified via email.

Step 6

Use a GPS tracking system with your phone.