How to Find a Verizon Wireless Phone Number

By Ben David

There may be various reasons why someone would want to find the origins of a particular number. You may need information on a nuisance caller, for example, or find out who is associated with a phone number that you don't recognize on your phone bill. Whatever your reason, finding a Verizon Wireless number and its corresponding owner information can be simpler to do than many people may think.

Step 1

Go to the Verizon Reverse Lookup website (see Resources section) to enter the number that you are trying to find or verify as a Verizon wireless number. The reverse lookup is a free service that will verify for you whether or not your inquiry number belongs to Verizon's service, as well as additional owner information.

Step 2

Enter the number, with area code, into the display window. Double-check the number to make sure that you are entering it accurately. A misplaced digit will result in incorrect information rendered or no information rendered at all. Otherwise, the service will display the number's information for you.

Step 3

Some Verizon numbers are protected, so reverse lookup information will not display. In these cases, use a paid service like Reverse Phone Detective (see Resources section) to find the Verizon phone number and information.