How to Find a WAN Address

By Contributing Writer

WAN is an abbreviation for the "wide area network" that is the same as the Internet. Each computer connected to the Internet has is a unique numeric IP address (WAN address) written in the dot-decimal form (e.g. However, IP addressing within a local area network (LAN) is more complicated. LAN consists of a few computers within a limited area connected to the Internet via a router. The router assigns internal IP addresses to LAN computers that are different from their respective WAN addresses.

If You're Correctly Connected to the Internet

Step 1

Log on to a user account in Windows Vista/XP.

Step 2

Click "Start" in the left lower corner of the screen.

Step 3

if you use Windows XP, click "Run." Skip this step if you use Windows Vista.

Step 4

Type "cmd" and press "Enter" to open a command prompt window.

Step 5

Type "ipconfig" and press "Enter."

Step 6

In the program output find the line starting with "IPv4 Address" and read the WAN IP address. For example, "IPv4 Address ....."

If You're Connected to the Internet via a Router

Step 1

Login to a user account in Windows Vista/XP.

Step 2

Open a web browser and navigate to the "My IP address" website using the link in Resources.

Step 3

Read the WAN IP address in the top of the page. For example: "Your IP Address Is:"