How to Find an Internet Radio Station in iTunes

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Using an Internet radio station in iTunes is a great way to find new music. You can find a radio station by genre and even sound quality. Finding a radio station is fairly simple. Take these steps to find an Internet radio station in iTunes.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • iTunes account

Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer. Do this by double-clicking on the iTunes icon on your desktop.

Step 2

Double-click on the radio icon once you are in iTunes. This is located at the top left of your screen under the Library section. This will open up a window that has radio stations categorized by different genres of music.

Step 3

Choose a genre of music that you like. iTunes offers a wide selection of genres from 50's Pop to Electronica.

Step 4

View the radio stations that fall into the genre you have chosen. Do this by double clicking on the genre. A list of radio stations should appear.

Step 5

Browse the selection of radio stations. You can find a description of each radio station by looking in the "Comment" column. Also, pay attention to the "Bit Rate" column. The higher the number is in this column, the better the sound quality will be.

Step 6

Select a radio station. Double-click on the radio station to open it up. Click the "Play" button to begin to listen to the radio station.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can, download the latest version of iTunes. With the latest version of iTunes you will have more Internet radio choices to choose from.
  • Try to have a strong Internet connection. The better the connection, the better sound quality you will have.
  • You must be connected to the Internet to listen to an Internet radio station on iTunes. You will not be able to listen to an Internet radio station on iTunes without a connection.