How to Find and Replace Text in Word 2007

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Word gives you the ability to find and replace words without any effort. If you find you want to change something but you don't know where the text is, you can put in any word of the text that you know and Word will bring you to that word. Read on to learn how to find and replace text in Word.

Step 1

Open a Word document. If you are working on an essay for school or a paper for college, you can open it and look for the text you need to replace.

Step 2

Go to "Edit" and "Find." A box will appear and you can type in the word or words that you need to find.

Step 3

Click on either "Find Next" or "Find All." If you ask for "Find Next" each occurrence of the word will appear every time you hit the "Find Next" button. If you click on "Find All" and then "Main Document" all the occurrences of the word will appear.

Step 4

Find the "Replace" tab. The steps for replacing text start with Steps 2 and 3. After completing them, the replace box will pop up and you can type in what you want to replace. For example, there may be instances of "You" that you need to replace with "Your."

Step 5

Complete the find and replace. If you need to replace "You" with "Your" you would type "You" in the find box and "Your" in the replace box. Hit "Find Next." Each time "You" comes up either hit "Find Next" or "Replace." If you don't want to replace it hit "Find next," if you do hit "Replace."

Tips & Warnings

  • Find and replace is an invaluable tool. It could take hours to find certain words, especially common ones, that you need to change. With find and replace, it will only take minutes.
  • You can use the find and replace to search only part of your document if this is what you chose to do.
  • You can make your search case sensitive. This means you can search for the word in small letters, capital letters or a mixture of the two.