How to Find Anonymous Callers

By Steve Brachmann

Even though caller ID is commonplace in today's telecommunication systems, some people still find a way to keep their anonymity while attempting to disturb a second party over the phone line. At best, prank phone calls are annoying. At worst, threatening phone calls can be disquieting and damaging to your peace of mind. If you are having trouble accessing information about an anonymous phone caller, there are a multitude of options that exist which can inform you of the phone number, and sometimes even location, of the abusive caller.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone service provider contact information

Step 1

Dial *69 to receive an automated message that retrieves the phone number that just called and reads it back to you. This will not work if the caller you're trying to locate has marked their number as private.

Step 2

Call the business office of your phone service provider and ask them about their call annoyance policy. Some companies will connect you with a customer service representative who can set up calling features to track incoming calls. Other companies may direct you to contact the local authorities first. If the phone calls you receive are threatening, always contact your local authorities.

Step 3

Ask the customer service representative to set up a call tracing feature for your phone. Call tracing utilizes the SS7 signaling network to store information about an incoming phone call. This feature will allow you to dial *57 after a phone call to access this information. This information will include the anonymous caller's phone number, the date and time of the call and the date and time that you began the call trace.

Step 4

Find a third-party caller identification service. One such service is TrapCall, which reroutes an incoming call through a toll-free number. Calls to a toll-free number cannot be blocked. When the call reroutes back to your number after being transferred to the toll-free number, the caller ID shows in the appropriate place. You can access TrapCall by visiting Many of these services, including TrapCall, will require a subscription fee.