How to Find Cheap Internet Packages

By Techwalla Contributor

Looking for just the internet without phone, cable, and other confusing packages? Hate it when companies try to sell you a million different things when all you really want is the internet? Well don't worry. Here are a few tips on how to find cheap internet packages whether your looking for cable, DSL, wireless, or fiber optic internet.

Step 1

Determine which speed of internet is right for you. Many companies like AT&T offer a variety of different speed internet connections at different rates. If you just use your computer to surf the web, then the cheapest package will do just fine. However, if you download a lot of movies or upload a lot of pictures frequently, you might want to go with a little faster and more expensive internet package.

Step 2

Find out what is available in your area. Call your local internet providers and inquire about what packages are offered in your area.

Step 3

Search the internet coupon sites for printable coupons as well as promotional codes. These can often save you big bucks on installation and offer you special deals on packages.

Step 4

Sign an extended contract with the internet service provider of your choice. Fios and Comcast offer discounted rates if you are willing to commit to a long term service agreement.

Step 5

Negotiate with the company. All internet package rates are not set in stone. Ask the company if they will give you 5 or 10 bucks off a month if sign up right there. I talked them down $15 a month for the first year on my current wireless internet package.