How to Find Court Records Online

By Stephanie Ellen

Whether you are looking for a copy of your marriage license, or you want to find out if a potential employee has any county court judgments against him, you can perform a public records search to locate that information. Before the prominence of the Internet, you would have to physically visit your local courthouse to get a copy of a court record. Today, you can access court records from a county's website.

Step 1

Call your local county clerk and ask which jurisdiction you are in for purposes of obtaining court records. You try searching for this information online. The jurisdiction you are in depends upon which state and county you live in. For example, if you live in Florida, each county keeps records. In Connecticut, the state posts court documents and records on its judicial website.

Step 2

Visit your jurisdiction's website, then look for either a public access or public services option. You may see a "View Cases Online" button, or something similar. For example, if you live in Duval County, Florida, click "Court Records" under "Public Services."

Step 3

Follow the instructions on the site for retrieving court records. In numerous cases, all you need to input is a last name to search records. Some court websites may allow you to search for more information, such as a first name, date of birth or docket number.

Tips & Warnings

  • Several court record locator services operate on the Internet, and such a service will charge you a fee for obtaining court records. You can get the same records for free.