How to Find Expired Posts

By Miri Sandler

The word "posts" is used to describe messages listed on social-media websites, Internet forums or blogs. Posts tend to be shorter than online articles and are used to express an opinion or to advertise something.On most advertising websites, posts will automatically expire after a specific date range. Social-media websites tend to be more flexible and allow you to choose when you want your posts to expire.Retrieving expired posts can be challenging because different websites have different policies for their retrieval. However, most expired posts can be easily accessed by using an Internet archive.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and visit

Step 2

Type the Web address at which your expired post was featured in the search box. You then have the option of clicking on "Latest" or "Show All." Click on "Show All." The next page will take you to a calendar.

Step 3

At the top of the page, click on the year in which the post was written. On the main body of the page, click on the date of the expired post.

Step 4

Wayback Machine will automatically take you to the URL Web page for this date. From there you'll be able to search for the relevant post.

Tips & Warnings

  • Internet archives cannot be used to find Internet posts from the last six months. Most archive websites get their data six months after the initial posting.