How to Find Free Movies Online

By Techwalla Contributor

Learn how to find and watch free movies online. Learn to search the web for new and old movies,documentaries and tv shows you want to watch online.

Step 1

Use the advanced search options on different search engines to find free streaming video of the movies you want to watch. Use keywords that are in the title in your particular movie, watch, etc. The words you don't want are words like trailer and those associated with advertisements and reviews.

Step 2

Use question and answer sites such as yahoo answers to request links for the movie you want to watch. Many people watch movies online and will readily distribute the links to movies. This is a good way to find elusive movies that are very hard to find.

Step 3

Search the websites you are familiar with regularly. Free streaming movies though not illegal to watch are illegal to download and host. Streaming movies originate from other host sites and if the site is forced to take down the movie than the link will be worthless. If you check regularly than you will be much more likely to find a good link.