How to Find Free Reverse Phone Number Information

By Joanne Cichetti

If you have a phone number but you are not sure about the owner, you can use a reverse phone number look-up service. A reverse phone number directory works in the opposite way to a regular phonebook. Instead of looking up names of people to find their numbers, you look up numbers to find the owners of these numbers. These directories also provide you with the owner's address, which can be helpful in situations where you have lost a person's name and address and just have the number to go with.

Step 1

Visit the website of a free reverse phone number look-up directory like White Pages,, and

Step 2

Enter the phone number on the page in the format: 555-555-5555.

Step 3

Click "Submit"/"Search" to get information related to the number. The search results will include their names, addresses, and in some cases, their current employment status as well.