How to Find Friends on Gmail

By Jalisa Summerville

Google's Gmail account service offers users a variety of user-friendly email features, such as saving email responses in thread format. Many people use Gmail because of its easy accessibility and navigation features. If you have lost contact with an old Gmail friend a few resources exist, such as email locator websites, to aid your search.

Step 1

Access an email locator website. (See Resources 1&2) Many of these sites allow users to find just about anyone by email address.

Step 2

Input the friend's first and last name. Select the state and click "Search" or a similarly named feature. A list of names associated with that particular email address will appear on the screen. Scroll through the list and select the name of your choice.

Step 3

Visit social networking websites. For instance, if you access Myspace or Facebook, try the search feature that allows users to find friends who use the same email account service. When prompted, enter your email address and Gmail account password. Click "Find Friends," "Search" or a similarly named option. You will now be able to select and contact friends.