How to Find Friends on Twitter

By Melissa Voelker

Twitter is an online social networking tool where users can "micro-blog," or give short but interesting details about what they are doing throughout the day. It is widely used among adults and teenagers, as well as for personal and business reasons. Finding friends, or "followers," on Twitter can be a relatively simple process once you decide what you would like to search for.

Step 1

Search for specific people. Twitter is a search engine designed to search for people by using their first or last name, as well as their Twitter username. If you would like to see whether people you know in real life or through other venues are using Twitter, you can put their names into this search engine and see if it can find them. You can also use this to see if famous people are using Twitter, or people you might have known years ago in high school or at previous jobs. Once you find Twitter users you are interested in becoming friends with, you just choose to "follow" them and then can start seeing their updates and messages.

Step 2

Search for people in a specific location. Twitter has a less specific search engine that will allow you to look for people by utilizing keywords, such as location. If you want to find friends and followers in your own hometown, type it in and see what pops up. You can also find people in cities across the country, or across the globe by using this search function.

Step 3

Search for people in a certain industry. Many people use Twitter to network with others in the same career field or industry that they are in. If you work in TV media, you can keyword search for other people who work in television or radio or the media. You can also put in specific business names or types, or job description words, and see how many people you find that have similar jobs to you.

Step 4

Search for people with certain hobbies. Making friends with people who share your love of anime, arts and crafts, photography, or reptiles is one of the main reasons Twitter came into existence. By typing in these keywords into the search engine, you will get a list of fellow Twitter users who share your hobbies.

Step 5

Search for people connected to other people you know. Once you start following people on Twitter you will get a list of their names and profiles. By going to their profiles, you can see a list of people whom they are friends with ("following"). You can access these profiles to see if anyone shares your interests and hobbies, or is in the same career field as you, and then choose to follow them and become friends with them, as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you fill out your profile information completely with information you would like others to search for, you will gain more friends and followers than if you leave your profile blank or half done.

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