How to Find Hidden Cameras

By Natalie Pace

Hidden cameras are common and require us to be more vigilant in protecting our privacy. There are mini electronic devices that you can purchase that will help you find those hidden cameras where ever you might be and give yourself a little peace of mind.

Things You'll Need

  • Hidden Camera Detector - Spy Finder or other brand
  • 2 AAA batteries

Step 1

Buy a camera detector - spy finder. These can be found online at links below or used.

Step 2

Look through the camera finder's viewing port and depress the button to activate the LEDs.

Step 3

Slowly scan the areas that you suspect a hidden camera may be. Look for bright-reflected spots. Some cameras can be as small as a pin point, so remember that you are looking for something that could be relatively small. A hidden camera will appear in the field of view with brightly reflecting light from the LEDs.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you see a suspected camera, move your vantage point slightly. If the location of the reflection moves as you move, then this is not a hidden camera. If the location of the reflection does not move, then it is highly likely that you have discovered the optics of a hidden camera.