How to Find International Zip Codes

By Techwalla Contributor

International mails are delivered faster when they include a zip code number together with an address. If you know a postal address in a foreign country, but don't know the zip code digits there are a few methods for locating this code. Use these tips to help you find international zip codes for countries that use them.

Step 1

Countries that don't use international zip codes or postal codesThere are many foreign countries that don't have a zip codes delivery system. For these locations your mail will get delivered with only an address written on the envelope. Write the full international address on the envelope, make sure to include: the street name or number, house number, neighborhood name, city name and country's name. Using an international envelop may speed up delivery.

Step 2

For countries that use international zip codes or postal codesFind the country's Postal Office online. This can be done by performing a search by the country's name followed by the word "postal office". Once you have opened the site look for a zip code finder tab. Enter the address to find the code. Not all international locations have a website for the postal office; however there are many countries that do.

Step 3

Use an International zip codes map. You can print or download some countries zip code maps online. Search for zip codes map plus the name of the country to locate a specific map. Once you have the map find the name of the city, state or province you are looking for.

Step 4

Use a free international zip codes online directory. These services are also known as "zip codes finders" or "zip codes look up service". Once you have accessed the database, enter the international address and the service will provide the zip code number. Some of these services have links to international postal offices.