How to Find Men's Usernames on Dating Sites

By Joshua Phillips

Online dating has become a popular choice to meet a potential love interest in today's society. Many dating websites exist allowing you to search and preview the profiles of many men from the comfort of your own home. Once you have signed up for the dating site of your choice, finding the usernames of all available men will be the same process.

Step 1

Select your gender from the first drop-down menu. It will usually start out with "I am a xxx" where xxx will be your gender.

Step 2

Select "Man" or "Men" from the second drop-down menu, so it reads "looking for a man" or "seeking men" depending on the dating website.

Step 3

Enter the age range of the men you wish to view, from 18 on up.

Step 4

Click "Search." The usernames of all available men will be displayed to you, along with their information and photos.