How to Find My Email Contacts on a PC

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You can find contacts using the "Find" feature on the computer.

You can use your "Find Files and Folders" option on your PC to find a contacts list that was saved on the hard drive.This process is only applicable if you have saved the contact list on your computer. This usually only happens with a system- or computer-based email program. Web-based programs, or school or work email accounts that you cannot check on your personal computer will not save a contact list to your PC.


Step 1

Open your Start menu.

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Step 2

Choose "Find Files or Folders" or "Search" and then "Files and Folders." A small search box will come up on your screen

Step 3

Type the names of some of your contacts, the name of the filename you saved your contact list as or anything you remember from the contact list, like partial email addresses or other words. Click "Search" to scan your hard drive for your contacts list.