How to Find My Linksys WPA Key

By Tara Kimball

Your Linksys WPA key controls access to your wireless network when you configure it to use WPA encryption. Having your WPA key available is necessary if you want to set up a network connection for a computer on your network. The WPA key will need to be entered on every computer that logs in to your network when the first connection for that computer is established. You can access the WPA key in your router’s administration panel using your Internet browser.

Things You'll Need

  • User name and password for Linksys router

Step 1

Launch an Internet Web browser instance on a computer on your network. Navigate to your router’s administration panel. The Linksys router can be accessed by navigating to

Step 2

Enter your user name and password for your router’s administration panel in the dialog box. Leave the user name field blank and enter “admin” as the password if you have never reset the login details. Click the “OK” button to log in.

Step 3

Click the “Wireless” link in the upper menu bar of the administrative navigation panel for your router. Click the “Security” link in the Wireless management panel to access the security settings.

Step 4

Verify that the drop-down box labeled “Security Mode” is on a WPA setting. Locate the WPA Shared Key entry field and copy the key as it is displayed in the box. Keep your WPA key in a secure place for later reference to grant other users access to your network.

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