How to Find My Local IP Address

By Jim Campbell

Each time you boot a machine connected to a network, an IP address is assigned. Your IP address is assigned to the network card using a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) machine. A DHCP server assigns IP addresses to the computers, so network administrators do not need to manage the assignments for each individual machine. The Windows command prompt provides a way to find the IP address for your local machine.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button. Select "Run." Enter "cmd" into the text box to open the Windows command prompt.

Step 2

Type "ipconfig" to view the default IP address for your machine. The information shown is your IP address, DNS servers (used for connecting to websites), the subnet mask and the default gateway.

Step 3

Type "ipconfig /all" to view a list of all your network adapters and the IP addresses assigned. This is beneficial if you have more than one network adapter installed on your computer. For instance, if you have a wireless adapter and an internal network card, both may have an IP address. "Ipconfig /all" displays the IP addresses for both adapters.

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