How to Find Old Friends on Facebook

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Facebook is a great way to meet up with friends you haven't spoken to in years. Reunite with your old home town friends online or take your old group offline for a reunion. Either way, you can talk about the old days together. Learn how to start an account with Facebook and start reconnecting with your old friends.

Step 1

Get started by opening up a Facebook account online. Facebook requires your email address so they can confirm that your identity and start you off with a new account. Either use your own name so your old friends can find you or choose an alias ID if you are skeptical about being online.

Step 2

Fill in your portfolio as best as you can with some details about yourself. You will want your old friends to be able to find you easily and by putting down details about you, they will! Write down some of your old and present hobbies, old schools, jobs etc. Facebook gives the user the opportunity to search for old friends by keywords.

Step 3

Uploads some photos of yourself so people can recognize you. You do not have to include photos of yourself or your face, but it is helpful if you want old friends to identify you. Include photos of your travels, favorite places, or of anything you like as long as they remain within the Facebook guidelines.

Step 4

Write a thorough description about yourself and tell your old friends what you have been up to over the years. Let old friends see your hometown, your present location and what you are doing now. Be personable and friendly with your description. A friendly approach to the Facebook online community is the way to start and rekindle some good friendships.

Step 5

Perform a search for old friends by putting in keywords to the search. Put in your old high school, sports teams, clubs or your university class. Put in your home town if you are looking for old friends that were raised in the same town. You can search for any old friend you wish.