How to Find out a Private Number

By Alexandra Bee

Whether you believe someone is harassing you with countless anonymous phone calls or you are simply curious as to who called you using a "private" number, current technology provides several methods to solve the mystery and put your mind at ease. Choose a procedure or service that's designed to resolve your particular problem.

Step 1

Press *69 on your phone after the private caller hangs up. If the number was manually entered as private, this procedure will sometimes display the blocked number.

Step 2

Register with a company that provides information on blocked numbers and private calls. One company that offers these services is Trap Call. Some phone services that unblock private numbers charge a monthly service fee, so check before you sign up for any service or download any phone number application.

Step 3

Call various phone companies in your area and inquire about additional special services for blocking unwanted phone calls. Some phone companies strictly prohibit private and unknown numbers from dialing into their service, preventing unwanted calls altogether.

Step 4

Call the company that provides your phone service and ask about Privacy Manager, which allows anonymous callers to dial your number but rejects the calls, and Anonymous Call-Blocking, which does not allow any calls from private numbers to reach your phone.

Step 5

Contact your local authorities if calls are threatening your privacy or security. If changing your phone plans or services does not stop the unwanted calls, the police may be able to intervene and resolve the issue with you.