How to Find Out Another Person's IP Address

By Mickey Walburg

There are several reasons you might want to find out another person's IP address. The easiest way to do so is if you have an email that he or she sent you. Most emails include the IP address of the person who sent them. If you have some basic computer knowledge, you can look at an email that someone sent you and find out his or her IP address.

Things You'll Need

  • Email from person whose IP address you want to find

Step 1

Open the email from the person whose IP address you want to find out.

Step 2

Open the "Full Headers" version of the email. Depending on the type of email program or service you are using, this can be in a variety of locations. Outlook Express, the email program included with Windows, has the button for showing the full email headers located in the File menu--under the "Properties" section in the "Details" tab.

Step 3

Look for a section in the full email headers marked "Received," as this is the header that will contain the information on the IP address of the person who emailed you. If the header says something like "Received: from [123.456.789.123] by via HTTP; Sat, 14 Dec 2009 14:15:16 PDT" then you know that the person who sent the email was using IP address "123.456.789.123" to access the "" email service to send his or her email to you.