How to Find Out If You Are Being Electronically Bugged

By Paul Parsons

Whether you feel you are having your privacy impeded upon or are afraid that potentially confidential information could be leaked from your home, you may want to find out if you are being electronically bugged. With today's technology it is very possible to be bugged without being aware of it, and sadly there are not any devices you can buy that are 100 percent accurate in letting you know if you are in fact bugged. However there is a method you can use yourself that will tell you if Big Brother is listening.

Things You'll Need

  • Two radios
  • Phone line

Step 1

Notice any odd noises or variances in volume while you are on your phone. If you hear any scratching type sounds or pops, you will want to be cautious as it may mean that you are bugged. These could be signs that there is a wiretap on your lines--but usually they would indicate the method of an amateur.

Step 2

Turn the radio on in the room where you suspect the phone line is tapped. Dial the radio to one of the AM stations and then turn the volume up very loudly.

Step 3

Turn on a second radio and then dial this one to FM. Start the dial at the bottom of the stations and then you will begin to inch the knob up slowly.

Step 4

Listen to the radio that you are changing the stations on. If at any point during the tuning you hear the radio that is tuned to the AM station in your other room, you can then be assured that the room is bugged.

Step 5

Keep the radio tuned to the FM station that is broadcasting the radio in your room tuned to the AM station, and then proceed to slowly move around the room or house with that FM radio. Listen for any squealing or screeching noises that will come out of the FM radio as you move, because the nearer you get to the bug, the louder you will hear these noises.

Tips & Warnings

  • This method works due to the fact that the majority of bugs will be transmitted across the FM radio frequencies.
  • If you suspect that you are the victim of tapped lines, you will want to contact your phone company, as they will tell you if such a bugging was in fact authorized. Bugging is generally illegal. You may want to take further action that could include court and the authorities.