How to Find Out to Whom a Cell Number Belongs

By Nida Rasheed

Phone calls from unknown numbers are often unwanted. You can quickly track down registered mobile phone numbers, however, through the use of the Internet. Once, you had to answer, call back or send a message to the number to find out who it belonged to, but various websites have now made this easy.

Step 1

Navigate to the Google website. Google does a deep search on different directories and collates the information for you. Use effective search parameters to get the best results; for example, search for 123 "456 7890" and not 123 456 7890 as the latter will result in a lower number of accurate results.

Step 2

Search online phone directories yourself. While the amount of information you get through this resource will be limited, you should be able to track down the city for the billing address at the very least.

Step 3

Use a reverse cell phone lookup service. Most of the companies provide a few searches for free, however, you will end up having to put up with sales ads on the website. You will need to enter your own name, phone number and city to be able to use the service.

Step 4

Search through volunteer directories as people put their information there and you can track the number free of charge. However, if the person has not put his phone number on one of these, you will not be able to find it.

Step 5

Bite the bullet and pay a website like Phone Detective or Intelius around $20 and get it to find the information for you. Before you pay, make sure you know what information it will be giving you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you block your own number when making phone calls.