How to Find Out Which Windows Media Player You Have

By Isaiah Turning

Windows Media Player is media software available for Windows Mobile, Windows and Mac operating systems. Windows Media Player functions as a player for music files and videos and allows you to organize your media library, share media and stream music around your house to compatible devices. In order to use all of these features, your version of Windows Media Player must support the functions you want to use. Windows Media Player makes it easy to check your product version.

Step 1

Open your Windows Media Player on your computer. Checking your version number is easiest to do while Windows Media Player is open.

Step 2

Press the "Alt" and "H" keys together. Using this keyboard shortcut opens the help menu from Windows Media Player's menu bar even when the bar is hidden.

Step 3

Select "About Windows Media Player" from the Help menu to open a panel that displays information about your currently installed version. Locate your version number from the section of the About panel labeled "Version."

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use the "Help" menu opened by pressing the "Alt" and "H" keys together to check for available Windows Media Player updates. Select "Check For Updates" to have Windows Media Player scan for new versions.