How to Find Out Who a Blocked Caller Is

By James Melzer

When you receive harassing or threatening phone calls from a blocked number, you can only find the identity of the caller by initiating a call trace. This allows you to trace the number through your phone provider, which will turn the number over to the police after you have filed a complaint with the authorities. The police will open an investigation, and you can find out who the caller was in the process.

Step 1

Hang up the phone after receiving a call you want to trace. Pick up the receiver and wait to hear a dial tone.

Step 2

Press "*57" on the keypad, or dial "1157" if you are using a rotary phone.

Step 3

Follow the recorded instructions to initiate a call trace.

Step 4

Listen to make sure the phone number was traced successfully and hang up the phone.

Step 5

Contact your local law enforcement to file a complaint and and obtain a complaint number.

Step 6

Call your phone provider and give them your complaint number obtained from the police. The number will be released to authorities and an investigation will be opened.