How to Find Out Who Called You on an Unknown Number

By Sarah Vrba

Unknown callers are a common occurrence and leave most people trying to guess who is behind the unknown phone number. With the risk of telephone scammers, it creates ease of mind to know who called, and sometimes plain curiosity fuels the urge to find out who is behind the number. A basic plan of action will put these curious thoughts to rest.

Step 1

Write down the entire phone number, including the area code.

Step 2

Look up where the area code is located using a phone book or online search. This step will allow you to know if the number's area has any connection with you.

Step 3

Use an online reverse phone look up. Type in the entire phone number, and a search engine can tell you where the number is located and what type of line it is (mobile phone or land line). If it is a listed phone number, the search will also give you the caller's name and address.

Step 4

Use a community-based phone look up. These sites will help you with unlisted phone numbers, and let you know about other people who have received calls from the same unknown numbers.

Tips & Warnings

  • If they do not leave a message, it is probably a telemarketer or a wrong number.