How to Find People You Know On Facebook

By Techwalla Contributor

One of the great advantages of having a Facebook account is that you can locate and connect with people you have lost contact with or don't talk to often. It's especially great for keeping in touch with friends who are across the country or world. Search for and add these individuals to your friend list to enrich your Facebook experience.

Step 1

Create a Facebook account if you don't already have one. Navigate to the Facebook website in your Web browser and follow the steps to make your own profile page. If you are a married woman, list your maiden name as your middle name so people from your past will know who you are when you contact them or when they search for you.

Step 2

Post a photo of yourself on your profile to help other Facebook users identify you visually. There are multiple Facebook users listed for most names. A photo can make the difference in a positive identification.

Step 3

Type a specific person's name in the Search box at the top of your home page or profile page. Click the "See more results for..." link at the bottom of the drop-down list to display the complete results. If you are searching for a person, click on the "People" tab in the navigation menu on the left side of the page to remove non-people with this name. If the results list is large, use the drop-down tab at the top of the list to choose "Location," "Education" or "Workplace" and type in the city, school or company information for the individual. View the names and thumbnail photos of any remaining individuals. Click on one to open it. If it is the person you seek, click "Add Friend" at the top of the page.

Step 4

Return to the search box at the top of the home page or profile. This time, type in a school and class year, a company name or a hometown. The results include any Facebook users who have entered this information in their profiles. Scan the results to see if you recognize any names.

Step 5

Click on the name of one of your Facebook friends and then look at the friend list that appears under her profile picture. You can scroll through or search her friends for people you may both know.

Step 6

View the "Suggestions" that appear occasionally on the right side of your home page. These are people that Facebook thinks you may know based on common friends or interests. If you know someone and want to add him, select "Add as Friend."

Step 7

Click "Friends" in the navigation column of your home page under your profile picture thumbnail. Follow the Steps to enter your email and password to contact people you know who are not on Facebook. Underneath this section, find "People You May Know." Scroll through the suggested friends and click the "Add Friend" button if you recognize someone.

Step 8

Use the Friend Finder which is located on the right side of your home page. The Friend Finder suggests people you may know and offers several ways to do in-depth searches at your former schools, places of work and other locations where you've lived.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you click "Add as Friend," a request is sent to the individual, who must then approve your request. When a person approves a friend request, Facebook notifies you.
  • It's always a practice to block everything on your Facebook pages from being viewed by anyone but those you accept as friends. This will not prevent everything from being seen if someone does a search, but it will prevent just anyone from accessing your Profile page.