How to Find Someone's Alternate Email Address

By Mary Cole

Nearly everyone who uses the Internet today has an email address. Many more have alternate email addresses for work-related email, pleasure or allocated just for general use. There might come a time, when you need to locate an alternative email for a person. At times people's primary emails become full and unable to receive new messages, many other times it may be inappropriate to use a primary email address to send an email, so knowing an alternative email is often critical to relay a message to someone. Locating a person's alternate email online is as simple as searching a few Internet databases or social networking sites.

Step 1

Go to Facebook. Do a search on the person whose alternate email address you are looking for or go directly to their profile page, if known. On Facebook, if their profile is public, go to the profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the email addresses listed. Note the email that appears different from the one you have. If the Facebook page is private, consider becoming friends to access such information if only available to you friends in privacy settings.

Step 2

Visit PeekYou. Search using the first and last name. The results will show you possible matches along with their respective social networking pages, blogs and websites, if applicable. Networking pages, blogs and websites will often have information on a person's alternative email address. Note any email addresses different from what you have.

Step 3

Go to Intelius. Select email look up. Enter the person's first name, last name and city and state. The results show first and last letter of the email. This is helpful when are trying to locate an alternative email so that you know you have located an address you don't currently have. Please note, you will be required to purchase a report to view complete email listing. At the time of publication, an instant email look up report was $4.95.