How to Find Someone's Email for Free

By Jennifer Patterson

There may be times when you would like to find someone's email address, whether it be a long lost friend or a family member. Occasionally, finding a person's email address may take little effort, but this may not be the case on every occasion. There are various methods of finding this information for free, however, some methods are more time consuming than others.

Step 1

Perform a web search using the person's name. Type the full name in quotations, i.e., "Sarah Doe." This will narrow down your search, making it easier to locate the person's email address. Search engines such as Google may list any organization that the person is affiliated with, which may also list her email address.

Step 2

Join a free social networking site. Search for the person you are looking for, as many people on these sites include their email addresses as a form of contact. Some of the most commonly used social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Look at the person's profile to determine if it matches the person you are looking for.

Step 3

Access an online directory such as Some people list their email addresses in directories with the intent to be found.