How to Find the Address That Belongs to a Phone Number

By Harrison Pennybaker

Finding an address based on a telephone number is known as a "reverse lookup." Typically, back in the days when the phone book was the source of most number lookups, reverse lookups were difficult to do, if not impossible. Today, reverse lookups are fast, easy and free.

Step 1

Determine the phone number for which you are seeking an address. Obtain the number, area code and, if necessary, country code of the number you will be looking up.

Step 2

Open up one of the several sites that offer an online database for reverse lookups. Select the tab that says "Reverse Lookup" or "Reverse Phone."

Step 3

Enter the phone number into the search bar. Enter the full number, including area code into the space provided. Press the "Search" button and wait for results to appear.

Step 4

Record the information provided. The site should list, if available, basic address information including street number, street, city, state and zip code.

Tips & Warnings

  • Note: Cell phone numbers typically do not work with reverse lookups.