How to Find the Crime Rate in Your Neighborhood

By Hannington Dia

There are many reasons why you might want to look up your neighborhood's crime rate. You may have just moved there and want some extra reassurance the place is safe. Perhaps you are performing a project on your neighborhood's quality of life and need to look up crime information. It could even be pure curiosity. Whatever your reasons, you have the Internet and your local police department at your disposal to find your neighborhood's crime rate.

Things You'll Need

  • Crime-rate database
  • Police department

Step 1

Look up crime statistics on an online crime-rate database, such as or These websites allow users to search crimes by type, overall rate, crimes per square miles and the type of crime most prevalent in your neighborhood. They also compare your neighborhood's crime rate to those of other neighborhoods.

Step 2

Contact your local police department as it may have crime statistics available for the neighborhood. Call the department's information number and ask for its annual statistical report to the FBI. Visit the department's website for a faster search. Some department sites allow users to search and separate neighborhood crimes by year and zip code.

Step 3

Visit websites such as and to find information about any sex offenders who may live nearby.