How to Find the IP Address of a Streaming Video

By Mitchell White

A website's IP address is a series of numbers that can help you identify and locate the origin of the site. If you're watching a streaming video and would like to know more information about where it came from, you can locate its web address.

Step 1

Copy the website address for your streaming video by clicking on the address at the top of the browser window while the video is playing. Right-click there and select "copy" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2

Visit the website and right-click on the "URL" textbox. Select "Paste." Click the "Get IP" button. The IP address will then be listed for that site.

Step 3

Try a website like Whois as an alternative. Right-click on the "Enter domain name" text box and select "Paste." Click on "Look up." Click on "Server stats." The IP address as well as the server location will be listed there.