How to Find the MAC Address on Apple

By Hollan Johnson

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is an address unique to the Airport or Ethernet interface of a particular device. It is not the same as your Mac's IP address, as the Mac address is only for the Airport and Ethernet on your Mac. Your Mac has a MAC address for both the Ethernet and Airport connections on the Mac.

Step 1

Open "System Preferences" in the "Apple" menu. Click on "Network."

Step 2

Click on "Airport" in the drop-down "Show" menu in Mac 10.3 and 10.4. Click on the "Airport" tab. The MAC address is next to "Airport ID." Select "Ethernet" from the "Show" menu. Click on the "Ethernet" tab. The Ethernet's MAC address is listed next to "Ethernet ID."

Step 3

Click on the "Airport" or "Ethernet" connection type in Mac 10.5 and higher. Click "Advanced" and click on the "Airport" or "Ethernet" tab. The MAC address is the set of numbers next to the "Airport ID" or the "Ethernet ID."