How to Find the Name of the Incoming Email Server

By Bill Mann

When you are setting up an email account, one of the key pieces of information you need is the name of the incoming email server. Finding this information can be difficult and require a little detective work. If you are already receiving email from this server, you can find the name in your email program.

Step 1

Open your email program, then find and open the email account settings section of the program. In many mail programs, you will find it in the "Tools" menu.

Step 2

Select the email account that uses the incoming mail server.

Step 3

Select the option that allows you to view or change this account's settings. In Windows Live Mail, it is the "Properties" button. In Outlook 2007, it is the "Change" button.

Step 4

Find the Incoming Email Server (also often called the Incoming Mail Server) name in the settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • The exact location of the incoming email server information varies between email programs, but if it is not called "Incoming Email Server" in your email program, it will likely be named "POP3 server," "POP server," "IMAP server" or "SMTP server."