How to Find the Network Password for Outlook

By Kara Page

Outlook, an email client with several versions created by Microsoft, allows users to set a password in order to gain access to their emails and contacts. If you have forgotten your password, you will find yourself locked out of the network server. By performing a few simple steps that include a specific code and your Outlook email address, you can easily find your network access password. The procedure does not require an third party software.

Step 1

Restart your computer. Type "Administrator" in the username field, leave the password field blank, and press "Enter". (Do not log in with your regular username and password).

Step 2

Click "Start", "All Programs", and "Accessories". Select "Command Prompt".

Step 3

Type the following code minus brackets into the field, replacing "" with your exact Outlook email address: [oe6.exe -h -e "" -p]. Press "Enter". Your password will be displayed.