How to Find the Product Key for an Installed MS Office

By Helen Jain

The product key is vital to the installation process of Microsoft Office. Without the product key, the programs will not work. Though a product key is available on the package with the CD purchase, damage to the product key number can result in a loss of the product key. Online purchases result in an email from Microsoft giving the product key, making it easily lost due to accidental deletions or similar problems. Fortunately, the product key is available in the MS Office system when it is already installed.

Step 1

Download product key finder software. Programs like Magical Jelly Bean, Winkey Finder and Product Key Finder are available for free online (see Resources). Select “Run” when prompted to get the program going.

Step 2

Follow the instructions given with the program. The key finder software will search for the encrypted product key and will make it unencrypted.

Step 3

Look at the numbers and letters given by the software. A product key for MS Office is 25 letters and numbers and is divided into five sets of five letters and numbers. Anything less than 25 letters and numbers or that is formatted differently than the five-sets-of-five format is not the product key.

Step 4

Type in the product key once it is available. The MS Office system should work properly after the product key is entered.