How to Find their Identity With a Free Reverse Cell Phone Search Online

By Maya Walker

When you receive a phone call from a cell phone number you don't recognize, you may hesitate to answer the call. After all, you never know who is on the other side. Fortunately, there is a possibility that you can find the identity of the cell phone caller with an online search. Although an official directory for cell phone numbers is not kept by any of the major providers, you can use online resources to possibly find out the caller's name before deciding whether or not to call him back.

Step 1

Conduct an online reverse phone number search on White Pages, AnyWho or 411. Each site offers users an opportunity to register their cell phone numbers with the site. If the person who called you is registered, her name is displayed when you search using the 10-digit cell phone number.

Step 2

Enter the caller's 10-digit phone number in Facebook's search field. Many users of the social networking site include their cell numbers when they register for an account. If your caller did, his identity appears in the search results.

Step 3

Search for the 10-digit cell phone number using a search engine such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. The search engines display any instances in which the number appeared online. You can review the search results to find out whether the name of your caller is revealed on any of the sites.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your online search does not produce the cell phone number's owner, send a text message to the number asking the owner to identify himself.